Dileep Mann is a forward thinking, creative and a motivated photographer. He is the founder and the creative brains behind Dileep Mann Photography is recognized as one of Sri Lanka’s most renowned photographers. Dileep’s photographs specializes in a range of sectors such as fashion, products and food, humanitarian, campaign development, architecture and interior, wedding, and commercial/corporate photography. Further, Dileep’s alternative profession includes being a reputed musician.   


Dileep’s photographs have created a landmark globally and is currently one of the highest requested photographers in the region. His unique sense of style and professionalism is seen throughout the captured images. According to Dileep, ‘Engaging in creative photography is an art which takes time and patience to achieve”. His key trait is the eye for detail in every capture he takes which makes him one of the best among the Sri Lankan industry.   


His passion for photography, has enabled him to widen the audience reach. His latest initiative is to assist the MAG in it’s initiative to make a difference as a humanitarian motive. Taking meaningful photographs has able to shapeshift not only the local but, as a global endeavor. More than the photographer role, he is able to advice and direct all stages of the photo shoot.